Hillary Clinton: The Political STD That Just Can’t Stop You From Itching


And nobody wants her.

The Left is done with the constant smearing against Bernie Sanders and his supporters as racist, sexist, conspiracy theorist, pie-in-the-sky policy loons, who in the same breath says she agrees with 95% on policy (Hint: she doesn’t). The Right is done with constant excuses for why she lost the general other than herself and her opposition candidate selling a better, more passionate vision. (Extra Hint. “Make America Great Again” sells better to the disenfranchised taxpayer than “America is Already Great”). And what’s more un-American than having this Political Queen blame all the plebians for losing political capital she felt owed? Don’t you remember 1776?

I mean, it was Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes who uncovered the Clinton Presidential Campaign team floated idea of running on the slogan:

“Because it’s her turn”.

Among Democrats alone, 66% of the 1,000 poll respondents wanted someone “new” to run in four years, and that only 23% would be excited by another Clinton run.

As a response to journalist Caitlin Johnstone, I also now wonder why the hell she won’t go away. You lost to Donald Trump. A name that to millionaires and progressives caused laughter at the thought of putting “President” before it. Her fieriest critic, Christopher Hitchens, was even asked about the thought of a President Donald Trump, his first reaction being a lite smirk followed with the words “Come on…”

I wouldn’t dare show my face again. Maybe head into the private sector and try my hand at the Mitt Romney life of faceless investment, losing the most winnable elections that Ron Paul could have smashed with his anti-war pinky. The same going for Senator Sanders for the fight against Trump.

Johnstone entertains the theories of a 2020 run (god forbid), she’s just trying to sell books (which could be true), she’s “bat shit psycho” (…just don’t put me on your kill list, Hilldawg), but I’m just as unconvinced by those as her. We agree on that line “Hillary keeps coming back because she needs to”, but I view her reasons to bigger than just ego.

Secular Talk — Jul 10, 2017

I have no doubt Clinton feels the need to come out to try and polish her image as the person who could have stopped Trump ‘if it wasn’t for you darn Russians!! And your little Wikileaks dog too!!’, considering the absolute hysteria built up by the Clinton-colluding-media behind the election.

Newslogue — 25 Aug 2017

If I dared mention I preferred Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, literally any other populist candidate (including Donald Trump) over the protected political elite thy name is Clinton, Johnstone’s depiction of what follows is right: “I was told on a daily basis that I was helping to inflict armageddon upon America”, and I would include the world.

Even my progressive friends from Australia to The Philippines would label me, a Bernie loving sensible liberal, as “far-right” for entertaining that Donald Trump was to the left on certain issues, at least in rhetoric, compared to the record of Clintonism. Why not want better Russia and Syria relations, rather than repeating the mistakes of the cold war and Iraq? The same war she voted for and to this day offers apologies. Why not call out homophobic illiberal versions of religion where Clinton gives cover in the blanket term “Islamophobia”? While at the same time bombing those countries (even more so than Bush) that continue to set people quite literally on fire. When the Mr. Faux-Businessman offers the people tariffs and protectionism, do you expect people with integrity on trade to not compare him to Sanders? When her husband signed the job-shipping trade deal NAFTA? In the foreword for Hitchens’ No One Left To Lie To, Douglas Brinkley recounts the time the two had dinner in Clinton’s state of Arkansas, and made himself a fool:

“I mistakenly speculated that the Clinton Library would someday become a major tourist attraction in the South, like Graceland. ‘Douglas,’ he said softly, “nobody wants to see the NAFTA pen under glass’.”

Secular Talk — Sep 27, 2016

And of course, if you didn’t fall in line behind Clintonism once more, you were an enabler to possible nuclear war. The same kind of war Hillary Clinton said she would inflict upon Iran, and that respected General Dunford said under oath would be the result of her no fly zone in Syria. But alas, if you build a boogieman, have the media focus on that boogieman, have everyone get their ideas from pundits talking about the boogieman, losing to that boogieman is not a comfortable position. And the blame can so easily fall on you.

And Johnstone is right that these were not original thoughts from original people, but from a manufactured media giving them the fearful talking points. Leaving Clinton in the position of just going away, telling the public everything would be fine (admitting a lot of her and her supporter’s rhetoric was a lie), or let the fear live on as the sidelining leader to #TheResistence to protect her and avoid the blame. Take a guess where she is now.

And I get this on the personal politics level. But since when has the motivation behind any Clintonion move being exclusively about the personal? While Bill was getting to close to Kathleen Willey and Monica Lewinsky, it was Dick Morris, Vernon Jordan and the administration using publicly allocated funds to shut these women up.

No. It can’t just be the personal with the Clintons.

It’s about the money, Lebowski.

The Jimmy Dore Show — Oct 21, 2016

Johnstone is right to call out the media for pushing the narrative of Clintonism at will, but why do they keep growing back like spotted dicks? Well, take a look at the circle she operates. Taking just over $382,000 exclusively from over 430 “journalists” (who, let’s be honest, are essentially activists), compared to the pitiful $15,000 raised from journos by Donald J. Trump. These are not people who just want to see the Clinton vision brought to life. They’re either paid to do so, or are the ones signing the cheques.

Public Integrity — finances between Jan. 1, 2015, and Aug. 30, 2016

There’s a disconnect between the people and the elites as there is a disconnect between the elites and the people.

The only friends to Clinton are those who give money or bath in it. Who else is she to consult for attention? Who else is she to comfort than those around her in the same economic class? And feel she royally screwed and feel owed an explanation by Clinton? There’s just too much money spent to walk away from the narrative they’ve invested in. It’s not just for the lulz they blame Russia for the election lost. It was anti-Russia rhetoric they were investing in, and the continuation of Obama’s Russia policy they expected shipped in the mail by Nov 9th. They don’t just hate Wikileaks for being against their candidate. It was Wikileaks being against their paid interest, and being a competitor in the news business to boot. And now with Trump, there’s an expectation that journalists actually have to work. Yes. Work. No more leaving the adversarial job to Fox News while Obama trolls the right beyond belief (for good reason and bad, of course). No, now is the time for the leftist media to actually play the role of the fourth estate towards the president, giving critique and praise where it’s due, when they were originally investing in a relaxed lifestyle flying jets for access with the Hilldawg. Now salvaging their money in conspiracy theories against their fierest critic to date, Donald J. Trump, who is being ridiculed on name your outrage today.

This leaves the two candidates, the media, and the people in the two positions the athenians were left in because of Philip II of Macedon. As described by Demosthenes, who I won’t quote exactly, you can do that reading yourself as linked above, were the people of Athens, in speech and in action, to have it be that their leader was held to account without fear of the messenger who reveals their treacheries being shot? Or were they to surround themselves with the types of leaders who sold them triangulation and pleasantries while being stabbed in the back, and have the messenger revealing these injustices be gaslighted and slaughtered for revealing the reality others do not see?

Because with the free speech spouting, ugly candidate of Trump, these injustices, whether unwarranted or not, will always be questioned by those who see reality. #45 doing the exact same Orwellian surveillance state and perpetual war policies that Johnstone describes. Where as Clintons and Obama, who started those policies or just continued on from Bush, have their faults considered the delusional position, and, as Demosthenes, have the people “take no thought for the future and therefore think that you also should take none”.

It gives me great comfort that, slowly but surely, the men and women of America are taking thought of the future, both of what would happen tomorrow with Trump, or if Clinton dared show her face again.

Bailey T. Steen is a journalist, editor, artist and film critic based in Victoria, Australia. To support this content, and more to come like it, the options include Patreon and Paypal, where I hope to keep this content free.

My content has been graciously published on Trigtent, Janks Reviews, Newslogue and right here on Medium. For updates and contact, the best place to touch base is on Twitter and Facebook, and the comments below.




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anxious writer, depressed slug, bisexual simp, enclave enjoyer, compassionate socialist, #LeftIsBest, error 404 gender not found (any/all) 🥂

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