I am Australian, I just never claimed I’m an expert haha. We’re just having a conversation and I’m happy to be presented with evidence.

“Children are not allowed to vote because they have not lived independently to understand the issues but easily persuadable by novel ideas.”

Can’t we say the same of those who fell for the novel ideas of right-wing populism of the past? Or socialist governments? Trump supporters and the alt-righters? Do we deny the vote to those above the age of 18 who live with their parents because they don’t live independent lives?

There’s no requirement to know the issues we vote on or be hard to persuade. We just have to have the physical ability to vote without coercion tactics, ie. whites patrolling blacks at voting booths to parents pressuring their kids to vote the way they do. That’s wrong.

That said, we don’t just throw out the baby with the bath water in this idea that “Oh, exploitation could happen, therefore they aren’t granted this right altogether”. That’s not very convincing. I get the idea there must be informative consent, but in the article I provided a poll showing teenagers are highly informed on political issues, their politicians, etc. Even if I grant you they must know what they’re voting for, the facts are on my side.

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