Hello everyone! I need some help.

I’m just writing this little update to make a request for those of you who actually enjoy my work and are subscribed to Medium, the site that has enabled journalists such as myself to have the voice and easily pay the bills without selling out to unethical corporations. Unfortunately, this site has made some slight little changes to the Medium Partner Program’s aesthetic that I’ve accidentally released entirely free content this week when it was meant to remain behind the free paywall. It’s surely a mistake on my part, forcing me to review my status before release, though it means a week of my earnings is e gone because I mistook one of these options for the other:

I understand the program and being locked behind paywalls are a hassle for some users — I’m personally only subscribed to one newspaper (that rag The Washington Post, for some reason) — though I’m sure you all understand the age old saying that “if you’re good at something, never do it for free”. Working on Medium and TrigTent.com has been an absolute dream and a worthwhile career, and I will continue to make content for all of you into the foreseeable future. With that all out of the way, my request is simple: please show some of my articles from earlier this week some love:

  1. STAR POWER: Taylor Swift Endorsement Leads Thousands To Register Democrat
  2. Academics Prank Feminist Journal Into Publishing “Intersectional Rewrite” Of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”
  3. U.S. Bans Travel Visas For Unmarried Same-Sex Partners Of Foreign Diplomats
  4. Senators Demand Federal Investigation Into Kid’s Apps Violating Privacy Rights
  5. NYT Investigation Reveals Trump Empire Laundered $500M In Taxes Over Decades
  6. Elizabeth Warren Introduces $500B Plan To Fix The Housing Crisis And Racist Zoning
  7. Trump’s Department Of Justice Sues California To Stop Net Neutrality Law
  8. Why Republicans Should Support An FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh Sex Crimes
  9. Facebook Grants Advertisers Access To The “Shadow Phone Numbers” Of Users

Whether it’s just a simple read, a comment, a share or more kinds of love, it’d be greatly appreciated to try and recollect a week’s worth of content and sleep easier at night — and you’ll be further informed on this fucked up political climate. I truly appreciate every single one you, whether you’re an agreeable liberal, a disagreeable conservative, a middle of the road centrist or a peaceful political radical. You’re all important to fixing this world and enabling me the chance to cover news the way I’ve always wanted to.

Kind regards,

Bailey T. Steen

troubled writer, depressed slug, bisexual simp, neoliberal socialist, trotskyist-bidenist, “corn-pop was a good dude, actually,” bio in pronouns: (any/all)

troubled writer, depressed slug, bisexual simp, neoliberal socialist, trotskyist-bidenist, “corn-pop was a good dude, actually,” bio in pronouns: (any/all)