Laura Loomer, The Most Censored Bigot In America, Runs For Congress

The term “bigot” shouldn’t be thrown around carelessly. It’s a word which can be used as a descriptor of someone’s reactionary beliefs just as it can be used to smear someone’s reputation. Laura Loomer, the notorious anti-Muslim activist banned from almost every major tech platform, seeks to scrub her dreadful record clean by launching a long-shot bid for Congress.

On Monday, according to a new filing with the Federal Election Commission, the 26-year-old political activist officially registered as a Republican candidate seeking to overturn the 21st district’s incumbent, Representative Lois Frankel (D-FL), despite this being a heavily Democratic-leaning district and Frankel facing no Republican challenger in 2018 on this very basis.

Loomer, bless her naive heart, thinks she can pull an AOC. But Loomer is no AOC. This inconvenient truth, however, hasn’t stopped Loomer from playing the virtue signal card which AOC can at least muster with both factual validity and sincere authenticity.

“The congressional seat is currently held by Democrat Lois Frankel, a staunch obstructionist, and critic of President Donald J. Trump, and a close friend and ally of Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” reads a press release from Loomer, according to a copy obtained by The Daily Beast. “Frankel, despite chairing the Democratic Congressional Women’s Caucus has refused to denounce Freshmen Democrat Reps. Ilhan Omar, AOC, and Rashida Tlaib for their anti-Semitism.” It should be understood that lyin’ Loomer is also quite the bigoted hypocrite.

Loomer, who made a name for herself as a pro-Trump Zionist, has been banned from big tech apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Lyft, Uber, and even Uber Eats after tweeting that she didn’t want to be driven by Muslim rideshare drivers. Loomer’s vicious rhetoric against Muslims, from smears of Omar being pro-Sharia Law to a crypto-terrorist sympathizer, also includes a quote retweet of Stefan Molyneux, an admitted sympathizer of white ethno-states, cheering “here’s to 2,000 more” deaths of migrants seeking asylum across the Mediterranean sea. Loomer still hasn’t condemned any statements which got her banned across social media, whether hateful or incitement in nature, showing no sign of redemption worth our time.

In fact, after last year’s ban from Twitter, Loomer decided it was best to make headlines over mend wounds by donning a yellow Star of David and handcuffing herself out the company’s New York headquarters in an effort to reinstate her account, threatening to pee on the sidewalk entrance in some grande grotesque gesture under the guise of free speech and anti-discrimination for being a “nosey Jew.” Twitter wasn’t buying it. Loomer was soon informed by police the company wouldn’t press charges for her protest and that “she can stay chained to the door as long as she wants.”

Loomer’s protest ended in a bolt-cutting exit upon her own request.

According to The Daily Beast, this behavior has continued even despite this national disgrace. Along with this handcuff stunt, Loomer has taken to the well-adjusted tactics of doxing, stalking and political harassment, such as tricking undocumented immigrants into trespassing at a home owned by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and breaking into the California governor’s mansion which led to another arrest. The Conservative Political Action Conference has also banned Loomer from a March for allegedly misusing a press-pass to chase reporters throughout the day which has since been coined as “Loomering.”

It’s not all that surprising given her grifter roots working as a gonzo journalist for Rebel Media. This line of work led to her spark an anti-free speech protest against a Shakespeare In The Park production of Caeser featuring a fictionalized President Trump. After shouting down the actors for “normalizing political violence against the right,” despite the central message being fundamentally anti-violence, she was briefly arrested and launched a suspect legal-defense fund which originally raised $12,000 more than what was required, during the same time when she mysteriously acquired thousands for her evidently botched nose jobs. In total, the fund has raised $87,085 pocketed by both Loomer and her former employers.

Money, however, can’t save Loomer’s accounts or political career. In 2020, Loomer will face three other Republican candidates running for the same primary seat, where her pro-Trump political poison has to also somehow appeal to blue voters. This will likely hand the election over to Frankel if Loomer’s party is actually dumb enough to drink up what she’s serving. Frankel, keep in mind, defeated her 2016 Republican challenger by more than 27 percentage points.

Winning isn’t the plan, I suspect. The move will evidently serve as a political attention-stunt to draw attention to big tech censorship, which is a legitimate issue our publication has consistently focused its attention. When the message is coming from a partisan-for-hire, the kind who uses funds for her pleasure over her principles, who cries bigotry while gutting Muslims with stereotypes and who plays the sacrificial victim ready to coat herself in piss for the political cause, forgive us for passing on letting bigotry thrive on attention.

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