Nazi Sympathizer Threatens To Go On Shooting Spree At CNN


Late last Friday, federal authorities arrested — and immediately released — an avid supporter of Adolf Hitler after 22 threatening phone calls were made to CNN studios detailing how employees would fall victim to a mass shooting.

“You are going down,” the caller said, according to court documents verified last week by ABC News, proceeding to take time out of his Nazi fetish scouring on /pol/ to leave racist, antisemitic slurs over the phone.

“I have a gun and I am coming to Georgia right now to go to the CNN headquarters to fucking gun every single last one of you,” he continued. “I have a team of people. It’s going to be great, man. … You gotta get prepared for this one, buddy. Fake news! I’m coming to gun you all down.”

Once CNN alerted law enforcement, the FBI traced the calls back to Brandon Griesemer, a 19-year-old former grocery store clerk from Novi, Michigan who, quite honestly, looks like the biggest “cuck” to ever man a gas chamber:

In US District Court this Friday, Griesemer was charged with “transmitting interstate communications with the intent to extort and threat to injure”, according to CNN updates. He was released the same day on a $10,000 bond.

In those court documents, Griesemer is apparenly a repeat offender, making similar threatening phone calls to the Islamic Center of Ann Arbor around September 2017. In that case, the caller left several threatening comments vilifying the mosque and Muslims in attendance before he would hang up.

Speaking to Anthony Luongo, a former classmate of Griesemer during their same graduation year at Novi High School in 2017, The Chicago Tribune discovered the boy was avidly “influenced” by the former leader of the Germany Nationalist Socialist Party, an organisation which lead the slaughter of millions during the 1940s Holocaust.

In their original article, Luongo described several instances in their first weeks of school where he noted that Griesemer was “openly, shamelessly” reading Hitler’s autobiographical manifesto “Mein Kampf” before classes would begin.

He assumed his reading was for educational reasons, not for support of the former Nazi leader’s views, at least until an alleged conversation between other students where Luongo heard Griesemer say he quote “kind of identified with the Nationalist Socialist Party.”

Luongo overheard another argument between Griesemer and other students where the he said “that the Holocaust was exaggerated”, though failed to give a number as to how many he thinks died in the genocide. The article lays out how Griesemer believed the Holocaust did occur, “though the extent was not as bad as reported and believed by everybody” .

According to The Southern Poverty Law Center — which should be taken with their grain of salt — this kind of argumentation is, in itself, an odd form of holocaust denial used to “rehabilitate the German Nazis’ image” and make their ideology “more acceptable.”

Why this is so odd is that it both affirms and undermines the Nazi ideology all at once. Nazis admit they have a distinct hatred for outsiders to the supposed “master race”, often making memes and threats about their desires for the genocide of ethnic groups, yet claim the holocaust killed less than what their own critics cite. By this mindset, the Nazis must think the Nazis were worse at being Nazis than even the critics of Nazism believe.

But even then, in spite of their own humble and ironic self-cucking on the statistics, they’re ready to pick up rifles and start violent war. This time on the mainstream media —who they love to theorise as being universally controlled by their favourite targets, the Jews — with their particular eye on CNN.

CNN prime-time host Don Lemon, a frequent critic of the current Republican president, blamed the threat squarely at the feet of Trump and his tweets:

“This is what happens when the President of the United States, Donald Trump, repeatedly attacks members of the press simply for reporting facts he does not like,” Lemon said on his Tuesday night program, believing he, like fellow network anchor Jake Tapper, was speaking to “an audience of one” — Trump.

He continued: “The caller who threatened to kill CNN employees made this threat using these words: ‘Fake News.’ I wonder where he got those words. Some very dangerous people are listening to you.”

Already Lemon’s framing is off, picturing this virtuous entity of the media as the straight shooting hero, using facts, reason and logic against the big mean president figure who runs away screaming “fake news”. It’s a black and white, good versus evil fiction that Joseph Campbell could have written himself. It’s hardly an accurate portrayal when it comes to politics. It’s a two way toxic relationship of “attacks” between the president and the network.

If we scour through the president’s tweets, over two dozen CNN-defined attacks have been sent to the network.

President Trump has tweeted videos of him beating up the network as though it were one person, has labeled senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta “crazy”, telling him in a press conference after his inauguration that he, as well as his organisation, are fake news”.

And this an unfair accusation? Or just a very strong criticism? The argument could swing both ways. Take their coverage of the Black Lives Matter Milwaukee Riots. In one segment, they showed a small clip of a girl “calling for peace” in the city, shortly cutting away…only, if you wait five seconds, they cut the section where she does exactly the opposite.

Instead, she was telling violent protestors to “take that shit to the suburbs,” made up of predominantly white residents. “Burn their shit down,” she screamed, oh-so-peacefully explaining “we need our shit.”

Their narrative was a lie by omission. Their narrative was fake news and forced CNN to apologise:

TrigTent recently discussed how the media, specifically CNN, have failed in their reporting on the president’s health. We’ve noted several instances where they’ve labeled speculation towards 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s health as “conspiracy theories unfit for journalism”, as said by CNN host Brian Stelter, while stating same conduct towards Trump was “fair”.

And this Clinton-bias — the network being nicknamed The Clinton News Network by the president himself —extends to other cases. Everything runs smoothly when CNN criticises the president, as to be expected. When the target is Clinton, suddenly microphones and footage are nowhere to be seen, with critics of the former first lady being cut off before the point is made:

Gatekeeping is it’s own form of fake news, which was repeated notoriously through CNN anchor Chris Cuomo who said “it’s illegal to possess stolen [Wikileaks] documents”.

And Cuomo has taken his own shots at the president, just recently opening his heart to his audience in spectacularly vulgar fashion. “We just have to be very clear about what’s going on in the White House,” he began, standing in front of a whiteboard “because the president is just showing you who he is. This is who he is, OK?” And with that, Cuomo wrote “shithole” on his board.

He called the president, their alleged attacker, a vulgar nickname that is down on his own level. An obvious reference to the president’s possible immigration comments calling Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries”, sure, but a clear attack if we go by their own standards.

CNN has been Trump’s favorite media outlet to hate, and understandably so. In the GOP released “Fake News Awards”, the president listed four instances where the media misrepresented the facts, resulting in the people watching — who aren’t as dangerous — to hound the president.

These stories included misreporting on James Comey testifying against Trump, a false report of former communications director Anthony Scaramucci having a meeting with significant members of the Russian government, edited footage of Trump where it looks like he abused Japanese fish by over-pouring food into Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s lake, and a false report on the Trump administration having early access to Wikileaks emails.

Deadline reports that threats against the network’s personnel increased since the President of the United States began criticising the network, but to say it’s one constantly lying man against an incompetent media, heading into their own vicious war of estates, would be more accurate.

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