No, I actually do see major issues with some of those things. I should add I’m sympathetic of class struggle and identity politics isn’t always this overly simplified strawman of “us vs them” mentality as you frame it, rather an analysis of how class bigotry manifests into social, political and economic divides based on policy (or lack thereof via neglect). The whole thing about victim mentality, disrespect of free speech and fair debate is a bipartisan issue. Just see conservatives who push Christian, straight white male victim culture about “omg I’m being called racist because i’m conservative, boo hoo”. See conservatives who blacklist football players and artists (from Kaepernick to Dixie Chicks) who criticise the country, the flag and the anthem. See people like Dave Rubin and Steven Crowder who regularly chicken out of debates and the logical fallacies littered in reactionary debate content. Step outside your bubble, Tara. The left isn’t the only one who’s fucking up.

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