No. You’re not journalists. You’re activists.

What could be easier than reporting the facts?


It’s expected that you never answer a question with another question, however you must forgive my rule breaking when I’m faced with the laughable propositions like Thursday’s New York Times article penned: “We’re Journalists, Mr. Trump, Not the Enemy”.

That article comes to us from none other than Nicholas Kristof, our dear darling, verification ticked “journalist” who, in the attempt of salvaging the torn Cinderella dress of the cosmopolitan media, took to the op-ed section in resistance to the oh-so terrible leader who… well, holds them to account. And yes, he reads just as dramatic too, opening his article with a damning admission that reads:

“Look, we in journalism deserve to have our feet held to the fire. We make mistakes all the time, and too often we are superficial, sensationalist, unfair, defensive or diverted by shiny objects. Critics are right that we in the national media are often out of touch with working-class America, and distressingly often, we are lap dogs instead of watchdogs.”

Or should I add on my own common-sense assumption that, should these “journalists” be given the invitations to the same dinners of multi-millionaire donors and craven politicians, it only seems inevitable the only dogs in that are room are the ones who assumption their backdoor position and use newspapers as their towels? Washington DC or B-B-C? You tell me, Kristof?

But no, sadly requests for B-B-Cs were not made by Kristof, who then took his article down the path of defending the (soon to be explained little) honour of The New York Times, The Washington Post and the journalism establishment. Never mind that in journalism B-B-C is not a long black flesh rod, but rather stands for Big Bags of Cash.

Let’s consider the findings of Time Money which reported on The Center for Public Integrity and their discovery of how high The Clinton Campaign’s B-B-Cs stacked in the journalism industry.

Her six-month fundraising from January through August collecting well over $382,000 just from over 430 “journalists”. Some of them, The Center for Public Integrity states, work for the honourable and not-failing The New York Times and The Washington Post. The huge B-B-C of the bunch not included being The New York Times’ majority shareholder, billionaire Carlos Slim, who The Observer reports have donated between one and five million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

Odd, once you look into their next graph which found Candidate Trump received only $15,000K from journalists, who one must assume did not come from the uncharitable adversarial press of the NYT, but his own praised publications such as Steve Bannon’s Breitbart.

Impartial watchdogs or losing track dogs who moan after a lost thousand-dollar bet to The_Donald? The floor is all yours, Kristof.

Or hell, why not glance the deplorable work of Wikileaks that found journalists colluding with the same campaign these publications were contributing to?

Listed at the very bottom is The Washington Posts’ darling Karen Tumulty, a 2016 Democratic debate moderator, found to be kissing the ass of John Podesta in a December 2014 email.

“Thanks again!” she writes, “For setting aside some time to talk to me yesterday. It is always so valuable to hear your thoughts, especially when it is not in the midst of some media swarm about some breaking development. However, you do have me racking my brain to figure out what this big news between now and Christmas is likely to be.” [Breitbart explains that “big surprise” was actually the closer ties established between The US and Cuba] “When you guys decide to lift the lid a bit … please don’t go to strangers. Leading on Podesta for closer coverage to the then soon to be announced Clinton Campaign, which Podesta was to manage, with Tumulty writing “Also, I very much look forward to keeping in touch as you head for your next adventure.”

Patrick Healy who, instead of asking questions on, well, anything, emailed what appears to be counsel to The Clinton Campaign on what states Trump would be effective in should she be the nominee and not Bernie Sanders. “We’re told that President Clinton, like Secretary Clinton and some others, > think Trump could pose a real threat in battleground states that President > Obama carried in 2008 and 2012 — like Virginia and Ohio — and he will be > competitive in Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.”

How stands the journalistic ethics of bitch boy Mark Leibovich? That correspondent who in July 2015 emailed the Clinton campaign a transcript of an interview he conducted with Clinton for them to proofread and edit as they saw fit.

Or fellow bitch boy Jonathan Martin who took story orders from Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook? “New York Times (Jonathan Martin) is planning to do a piece on our apparent focus on mobilizing the base over persuading the middle, contrasting it with WJC’s campaigns and HRC’s ’08 campaign. Robby is going to talk to him to explain that we are doing both at the same time — our progressive positions are also mainstream positions.”

To quote something in the vein of Jimmy Dore: How much corporate cash do you have to stick up your ass before you stop calling yourself a journalist?

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