Democratic Staffer Imran Awan arrested by FBI, attempted to “leave the country”

As if the Democratic National Committee’s reputation couldn’t be any more tarnished.


Amid FBI investigations, Senate Russia probes and election lawsuits, news is surfacing that the IT staffer Imran Awan, currently under investigation by the FBI, was arrested at the Dulles Aiport last night attempting to leave the country.

According to Fox News journalist Chad Pergram, members of the FBI and USCP have supposedly detained and arrested Mr. Awan before he was able to board a flight to Pakistan, his country of birth.

Pergram tweeted the man has been “charged him with multiple counts of bank fraud as part of Hse IT procurement scandal” and subsequently surrendered his passport. It was then revealed the man wired over $283,000 from the Congressional Federal Credit Union.

The wire was allowed to go through by credit union officials. The police confronted his wife at a Pakistani airport and found $12,000 in cash hidden in her suitcase, however was not detained on any crime and her whereabouts are as of now unknown.

Reported by The Daily Caller on the 23rd of July, the FBI recently seized smashed hard drives from the home Mr. Awan, former employee of Congresswoman and former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who they report was still on their payroll and maintains a personal relationship with her. Their investigation is currently eyeing criminal charges for

A spokesperson for Wasserman Schultz said that Awan had been fired on Tuesday. “Mr. Awan previously served as an employee in our office, but his services have been terminated,” Wasserman Schultz’ spokesman David Damron said in a statement.

Just over a year now since Wasserman Schultz resigned as DNC chair, a result of Wikileaks exposing damning emails that showed media/DNC collusion with the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and attempts to sabotage 2016 primary challenger Bernie Sanders, her ties to Awan have thrust her into yet another political scandal.

The Observer reported: “Awan and four other former congressional IT staffers are being investigated by U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) and the FBI for “wide-ranging equipment and data theft.” Few details have been released since the investigation was first reported in February 2017, but many have speculated that Wasserman Schultz is involved due to a tense exchange between her and the U.S. Capitol police chief over a laptop from her office being held as evidence.”

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troubled writer, depressed slug, bisexual simp, neoliberal socialist, trotskyist-bidenist, “corn-pop was a good dude, actually,” bio in pronouns: (any/all)

troubled writer, depressed slug, bisexual simp, neoliberal socialist, trotskyist-bidenist, “corn-pop was a good dude, actually,” bio in pronouns: (any/all)