#SaveLuna: How Conservatives Lied A Trans Child Abuse Story Into News

10 min readOct 31, 2019

At the heart of a conservative outrage nightmare and a vicious custody battle is a child. The parents, Jeffrey Younger and Anne Georgulas, can’t even agree whether their seven-year-old offspring is a boy or a girl. Conservative media has already made up its own mind, relying on lazy dogma and outright lies to sell a narrative. This report will correct the record by cutting through the bullshit.

In our disinfecting the story, using simple processes such as actually reading verified case documents, citing credible sources and engaging their claims honestly, we hope to offer readers a clear perspective on a case so muddied in bias, controversy, and propaganda. Considering we’re dealing with a media that’s both fallen asleep at the wheel and drove head-first off the crazy cliff, there’s a lot of lies to unpack and a lot of voices to put on the public propagandist watch. And while my accusations would seem unfair, I only say this given a staggering number of conservative and religious publications are engaging in bad faith tactics to report on the story, while mainstream media has done almost zero to fact-check their smears.

All of them repeat a story of how a liberal mother is abusing her youngest child into transgenderism, meanwhile, the conservative father is an everyman who wants to keep them safe from harm. While this line is mass-reproduced by the likes of National Review, Breitbart, The Daily Wire, Church Militant, The Christian Post, Blaire White, PJ Media and more, they all rely on the claims made by a single opinion article from The Federalist, an online magazine decidedly biased towards conservatives, written by a former transexual turned born again Christian named Walt Heyer. When you tow the party’s biased rumors as facts without question, this is propaganda in action.

From Heyer and company, we’re given simplistic details of how the child is treated in their parent’s separate homes. When they’re living with the mother, they’re given no choice but to live their life as a girl named Luna. When they’re living with the father, however, the child has the option to live as whichever identity they want, opting for a life as a boy named James. We’re told the child was given a “misdiagnose” by one “trans-friendly” doctor known as a “rainbow counselor”…


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