The Right-Wing Social Justice Problem

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” — Friedrich W. Nietzsche

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Lies. Censorship. Doxing. Violence. Western culture is in a civil war.

Since the rise of anti-establishment consumer movements like #GamerGate and the election of President Donald J. Trump, who ran his election on (faux)-right-wing populism, chaotic dialogue, censorship and violence, towards those we disagree with and despise, has become the new normal.

Many, from conservatives to liberals like myself, have accurately condemned this behaviour from bad actors of the left’s social justice movement.

Leftist actors like Ben Affleck who accused Sam Harris and Bill Maher (both liberals and atheists) of “disgusting racism”, all for merely citing Pew Polls and labelling the religion of Islam “the motherlode of bad ideas”.

Professional activists like Yvette Felarca, the founder of By Any Mean’s Necessary which intentionally incited a riot on a public college to silence the free speech of conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos.

Male feminists sporting pink pussy hats assaulting conservatives like Blaire White, considering the red “Make America Great Again” hat she was wearing is basically just the new “kick me” sign.

Their movement is well worth the criticism and scorn.

However, in the chaotic nine months since President Trump assumed office, it seems the social justice activists and commentators of the right-wing variety, who have gained the most political capital in America’s Congress since The Great Depression, haven’t been given their due stink-eye criticism.

Limited to rare criticisms from ethical conservatives such as Hi, I Think I’m Real and transgender commentator Theryn Meyer, this rarely condemned group, if one had to label them, are the Social Nationalist Movement.

Uniquely modern, superior to social justice activists in their cultural capital online, social nationalists of the far-right are the inevitable counter (and horse shoe theory colleague of) the far-left. Both are radically made for each other, not operating on principles and leaving those of us to the centre utterly complexed by their blood sport mentality.

They despise each other, of course, wanting radical change to best serve their team and world view, however, it was economist F.A. Hayek who pointed out the real enemy to both communism and Nazism was “the liberal of the old type— there can be no compromise between them and those who really believe in individual freedom.”

They are the type of people who chastise traditionalist libertarians like commentator Lauren Southern, who has her own value structure and preferred right-wing policies, for doing what’s known as “punching right”.

“In fact,” she laughed, “I probably get tweets every single day saying:

‘Lauren, we are on the same team here. Didn’t we all support Trump? Why are you attacking your own side’?”

“No,” she answered them firmly. “I didn’t support Trump. I supported the ideas Trump had. He is not a sports team. He is not a colour on a roulette table. He’s just a man with ideas. And if those ideas change, I’m going to challenge him on them. And that sure as hell goes for supporters of his ideas as well.”

It’s this sense of tribalism that fuels their collective movement, taking to the tactics of their rivals to achieve the goal of the greater good. Between them they have millions of follows with a simple goals to their movement: to defend their president, their elected officials and their agenda at all costs.

But who are they?

Let’s begin with who Lauren Southern was actually criticising, Laura Loomer

One should definitely quote “investigative journalist” when describing the career of Miss Laura Loomer.

Before her rise as the new face of Canada’s conservative outlet Rebel Media, which she resigned from in September 2017, or her tweets falsely claiming to be the victim of a hate crime because her tire accidently blew out, Loomer’s previous outlet was none other than Project Veritas, the conservative organization created by the discredited James O’Keefe.

In September 2009, O’Keefe and his news associate Hannah Giles were involved in a false reporting scandal, publishing selectively edited hidden camera records from employees of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (otherwise known as ACORN), which help low to moderate-income families with voter registration, health-care, affordable housing, among other issues.

This resulted in a lawsuit which saw James O’Keefe settling for $100,000.

Here we understand the type of outlet the likes of Loomer sign off on. Organisations that have provenly sold edited lies to their audience to distort the facts, all the while they break the privacy laws set with the respective states. Social Justice Warriors are more than happy to lie, disrespect their audience and break the law. We shouldn’t expect better from their right-wing brothers and sisters.

It was in March 2015 when Loomer released her big story for Project Veritas, which we shall simply call The Barry University Incident.

Paired with a concealed video camera, Loomer, a former communications major at Barry University, recorded conversations with her university officials asking whether she was allowed to start a club titled “Sympathetic Students in Support of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”.

The Islamic State, of course, being the terrorist group we know as ISIS.

They attempted to frame the university as sympathetic to the Islamic State terrorist organisation, requesting that she only needed to change the name of her faux-effort, resulting in her eventual suspension from the university, as well as criminal charges filed for taping officials on the private university campus without their consent or knowledge.

Loomer’s commitment to staunch right-wing narratives (don’t confuse this with right-wing values) and con-artistry escalated with her work for Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media.

On June 16th, 2017, Loomer participated in an organised anti-free speech effort to shut down the Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar in New York City, which featured the central character Caesar in garb similar to that of President Donald J. Trump.

Loomer rushed to the stage during the performance, shortly after the character Caesar was assassinated, declaring the production was “normalisation of political violence against the right”.

The same justification she gave for condemning the video from CNN’s Kathy Griffin video as “assassination porn”, when it was just a political statement she was free to make. Only with a Black Lives Matter twist, similar to the time Bernie Sanders’ rally was crashed by protestors.

On stage, Loomer echoed their mentality, bellowing to the audience “this is unacceptable,” then shortly escorted by security and arrested by police officers for silencing the first amendment rights of the attendees. (Where have we seen the suppression of free speech before? Hmm, I wonder.)

Her fellow attendee, former Rebel Media reporter Jack Posobiec, proceeded to condemn the audience as “Nazis” and “[Joseph] Goebbels”

Again, doesn’t this all sound familiar?

Yelling from the audience, he argued that by merely watching the performance, where the interpretive moral of the play is against political assassinations, the audience had “the blood of Steve Scalise on [their] hands”. The context being that Louisiana Rep. Scalise was shot in the chest by a leftist activist in early 2017.

Was this behaviour condemned by the free speech absolutists who populate the right-wing? Yes… but also no. While The Daily Wire’s editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro and Breitbart’s former editor Milo Yiannopoulos stuck to free speech values, condemning the effort as censorship from “Right Wing Social Justice Warriors”, the right seemed to praise this form of censorship as “brave” and “patriotic”, despite obvious similarities to the tactics employed by their enemy.

Loomer given praiseworthy coverage and platforms to speak on outlets like:

The Alex Jones Show for InfoWars:

Stefan Molyneux’ philosophy podcast Freedomain Radio:

YouTube pundit Mark Dice:

The channel Rebel Edge formerly hosted by her co-worker Gavin McInnes:

Even Fox News with commentator Sean Hannity:

“The Left has systematically used free speech and artistic expression as pretext to incite violence against the right,” Loomer told Hannity. “This is really problematic,” proceeding to justify her actions by connecting the play to the violence conducted against Scalise.

Even the very word “problematic” rings a social justice tune that conservatives should be recoiling at. Yet there some of them are, singing her praises and paying her bail money… which are also ridded with curiosity.

Much like the Kickstarter funding scandal of Miss Anita Sarkeesian, the feminist video game critic who collected an estimated $440,000 for her uncompleted series Tropes vs. Women, Loomer and former boss Levant were criticised the ‘Free Laura’ campaign.

According to The Daily Beast, there were two websites soliciting donations to pay her bail, which were set up by The Rebel Media just six hours before the play even started, proven in the domain records. They were also promoting a seperate fundraiser on WeSearchr, receiving $12,385 from around 240 contributors. That’s more money in donations than what would need to be paid for her charges.

So, where‘s the money, Lebowski?

While there’s no definitive answer, one could speculate that the money went straight into Loomer’s face. Literally.

As explained by Eisenwulf, Loomer published on her Instagram and Twitter that she was undergoing both nose and facial surgery. Under the American system of health care, these kind of procedures would cost a hefty sum near the range of… you guessed it… $12,000.

Almost 500x the cost of her bail money she raised on her two fundraisers.

Conservatives should know what causes their money is going to and who is leading their movement apparently against social justice warriors. Who knows, they might be lead astray by one.

Which brings us to another curious figure in the right-wing social nationalist movement: Candance Owens (a.k.a. Red Pill Black):

I can already sense right-wing social nationalist warriors ready to defend their conservative black YouTuber who’s the useful token to their needs, in spite of her unethical behaviour as of late. Remind me again how identity politics the right-wing is meant to be?

Before rising to prominence after her video critiquing the Charlottesville media coverage, which she argued was creating more inflated racial tension in America, Miss Owens was once a member of the social justice community. And still plays victim and conspiracy theorist when criticised by her fellow colleagues “punching right” against her movement.

Owens’ credibility was most recently brought into question after revelations regarding her 2016 KickStarter venture “Social Autopsy”.

During her first interview on The Rubin Report, Owens originally described the site as an “anti-bully campaign” to “protect children” from online activity, which gained a healthy $4,244 from just 54 backers.

The intention of the project being to attach the mean comments of users to their own personal information. The venture was evidently suspended after user flags were issued and reports were circulating that the site could be used as a platform for “doxxers”.

Essentially, Social Autopsy would be acting as a platform to store the information of any particularly person, such as addresses, work places and schools, alongside mean comments they’ve said online, without needing the consent of this targeted person to do so, which could potentially result in some degree of privacy invasion, harassment or harm.

Owens specifically stating she wanted minors’ featured on the site.

“What’s the number one defense people use when they are making awful comments online? ‘I’m exercising my First Amendment rights’,” Social Autopsy’s CEO Owens told The Daily Dot. “Let’s create a database where we capture them exercising those rights and create digital records that anyone can access.”

As of 2016, the “unpublished” site had 20,000 profiles stored and were planning to launch in spite of their Kickstarter funding denial.

It would be one thing if Owens were to admit her mistakes, without the caveats that she “didn’t do nothin” and seeing the error of her ways, however, this would be too principled a response from a right-wing social nationalist warrior.

She credited this criticism, from her fellow anti-SJW commentators like Andy Warski and Blaire White, as a “funded media operation” against her, which she clarified on her second Rubin Report appearance was just an unfounded rumour based on no evidence.

After this very article you’re reading, I’m still waiting for my Soros cheque to go through PayPal any day now…

Owens later using her skin colour and identity politics as protection from criticism. Using her role in “the movement”, which is collectivism, as protection from dissenting thinkers like Warski and White. Using unfounded conspiracy and hysteria to make her critics illegitimate. These are purely hypocritical practices for someone who seems to find vitriol in the alt-left, despite acting just like them.

In his series “Right-Wing SJWs”, Hi, I Think I’m Real explains:

“[She] is playing into a pervasive conservative narrative. There is a notion on the right that the powers that be, the titans of industry in media, have organised against us and are actively working against us. And are actively working to surpress us. We are unified in our isolation.

Owens understands this better than most. She is appealing to that feeling of disaffection. Insinuating that critical response against her is another component of the mainstream media machine.”

And that’s the core of these right-wing social nationalist warriors. They can’t handle criticism. They can’t handle ethics. And they can’t handle the principles they preach. Such figures need to be called out by members of the right-wing, much like those of us on the left who want to purge intolerance and illiberal practices from our own peers. When you abandon values for political gain, you become the very monster you sought to fight.

Thanks for reading!

Bailey T. Steen is a journalist, editor, artist and film critic based in Victoria, Australia, but is also Putin’s Puppet on occasion.

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