Yes!! This is the exact problem with this “Twisted Left” — they partake in the bigotry of low expectations and treat #TheBlacks as children… which is absolutely fucking racist. I completely agree that it’s a quasi-religious movement, this new left. It’s ideologically driven without a theist in God or whatever the other cults believe. They’re just morally bankrupt. I don’t know if you watch Jimmy Dore’s show, but he has a great segment that Republicans love to bomb the middle east and the Democrats will go “Hold on there… we like the bombing, but can you let a brown disabled woman press the big red button????” It’s ridiculous. Talk about a pseudo-resistance.

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troubled writer, depressed slug, bisexual simp, neoliberal socialist, trotskyist-bidenist, “corn-pop was a good dude, actually,” bio in pronouns: (any/all)

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